Water Treatment Plant Tank Replacement Project

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Press Release - May 16, 2016: FPUD to Build New Million Gallon Storage Tank [pdf]

New Ater Storage Tank

Completed Storage Tank

Construction resumes on the storage tank and will be in service by June 2nd with final completion by June 15th, 2017. This project is slightly behind schedule due to the weather but is on budget and we are looking forward to using this tank to provide fire protection and drinking water for the community for years to come.

With the community’s best interest in mind, the District was able to fund this project with the surplus water transfer in 2015. Though there were many obstacles along the way, this one-time sale made this project possible without increasing costs to the community. There is no loan to pay off, no long term interest, saving each family an estimated $1100.

This one million gallon storage tank will replace the three aged and leaking tanks that have reached the end of their useful life, providing storage for fire protection and drinking water. The District’s number one goal is to preserve & protect the valuable water resource for this community.

Old Storage Tanks

Old Water Storage Tanks

Old and New Stp>orage Tanks

Old and New Water Storage Tanks

Completed Storage Tank

Completed New Water Storage Tank