Foresthill PUD Mission Statement

To provide the Community of Foresthill with the highest quality drinking water at affordable rates with courteous and professional service;

To manage District resources responsibly for future generations.

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Employment Opportunity - Operations Supervisor
We invite you to find out more aboutg this position presently available for hire at Foresthill Public Utility District >>

Upcoming Meetings:
Planning Committee Meeting
10/22/2014 - 2:00 PM

Finance Committee Meeting
10/27/2014 - 2:00 PM

Public Hearing Notice
Regarding Proposed Water Rate Increase for the
Foresthill Public Utility District

See the 2013 Consumer Confidence Report

Water Rate Study
The Water Rate Study was approved by the full Board of Directors in March, 2014. Read it here>>

Proposed Study for Five-Year Repair & Replacement 2014_2019
Read it here>>

Water Rate Study
The Water Rate Study was approved by the full Board of Directors in March, 2014. Read it here>>

Maintenance and Repair Projects
View pictures of some recent projects and repairs performed by the FPUD field staff and contractors.

Know your reservoir:

  • The reservoir spills at 3,618.10 ft
  • Storage at spill is 6,918 AF
  • Average annual rainfall ( per US Forest Service) is 52 inches per year
  • Current year rainfall 20.83 (At the water treatment plant)
  • Change in storage through the storm event 480 AF
  • Storage capacity left in the reservoir 1,096 AF

Fun fact:

  • The 480 AF stored in the last storm, is enough to serve roughly 1,000 homes for one year.

See the 2013 Financial Audit Report

Take a few minutes to review the Foresthill PUD 2013 Report Card.

Water Saving Tips
Let's all do our part to conserve water during this record-breaking dry winter. Here is a list of Water Saving Tips that will help you reduce your water use by 20%.

We Want Your Feedback!
We are taking a survey online regarding bill pay oneline and what works best for you. Please take a few minutes to take this survey and help us offer the best service to you, our valued customers. Follow this link to the online survey, and thank you for your valuable time and input.

Updated Office Hours:
Office Hours: Open Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday 8-12 and 12:30-4:30 p.m. / Closed for lunch 12-12:30 p.m.
Closed Thursday and Friday

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Rain Totals and Sugar Pine Spillage

Sugar Pine Reservoir Dam

Maximum Reservoir Elevation:
3,618.1' = 6,918.06 Acre Feet

Current Reservoir Elevation:
3,610.88' = 5,792.00 Acre Feet

Rain Totals for 2014-2015
July 0.04"
August 0.10"
September 1.74"
October 0.00"
November 0.00"
December 0.00"
January 0.00"
February 0.00"
March 0.00"
April 0.00"
May 0.00"
June 0.00"
Seasonal Total 1.88"
Seasonal Avg. 55.00"